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Ashide Meditech

We are committed to the research and development of medical technology products and the professional services and integrated maintenance of biomedical equipment as monitoring. Based on ODM as medical products combined with technology, integrated R&D and professional technical services.
In terms of products and services, it can be divided into in-hospital services for medical institutions, out-of-hospital services for the general public and laboratories, and multitasking services.
The main axes of the hospital are cardiovascular surgery, emergency medicine, emergency medical care and pharmacy.
Out of the hospital, it includes first aid products and peripheral equipment for long-term care, the one service of laboratory equipment, biomedical equipment and temperature equipment affiliated to the unit, and a horizontal chain of IoT services.
Multitasking services In order to provide customers with more complete high-quality enjoyment, we also support remote monitoring services, weak current engineering services, air-conditioning services, and water-electricity decoration services to meet the diverse needs of customers.